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Bees are vital for sustaining ecosystems and global food security. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, one-third of the world’s food output relies on bees.

They distribute pollen, allowing plants to reproduce, including essential food crops. Beekeeping is a significant source of income for rural communities, with the western bee being the most widely used managed pollinator. It’s estimated that over 80 million hives produce 1.6 million tonnes of honey annually, as per IPBES.

Bees offer not only high-quality foods like royal jelly but also valuable products like propolis, beeswax, and bee venom. While bees are crucial pollinators, their presence near populated areas can pose risks, especially to those with bee sting allergies. That’s why it’s essential to rely on qualified professionals for bee relocation and removal treatment. They possess the necessary training, experience, and tools.

Professional relocation specialists possess extensive knowledge of bee biology, behavior, and habits. They can distinguish between bee species and other stinging insects like wasps. With this expertise, they provide specialized bee pest control solutions that prioritize the safety of both people and bees.

About bees in Perth

In West Australia, the bee-swarming season spans from mid-August to mid-May as bee colonies naturally reproduce by swarming.

However, bee nest removal services become crucial due to their stinging nature, which can result in hospitalizations. If you encounter hives in your backyard, letterbox, Telstra green box, or elsewhere, reach out to Bee Removal Perth, Bee Hive Removal Relocation Perth Solutions for safe and professional swarm relocation and removal solutions.

The country is home to various bee species, but when beehives are found in urban areas, they pose a threat to individuals susceptible to bee stings. Reactions can range from mild to severe, with some cases requiring hospitalization. Symptoms can range from a sharp, burning sensation to severe reactions like difficulty breathing.

While there are several bee species in the country, let’s explore a few prominent ones:

Honey Bees

The honey bee is usually seen in Early spring. Tropical regions and dense forests are thought to have been the bees’ initial homes. Although they may survive in both natural and cultivated settings, they prefer to reside in gardens, wooded areas, orchards, meadows, and other places with lots of flowering plants. They construct nests inside tree cavities and under the edges of objects in their natural habitat to protect themselves from predators.

Bumble Bees

A diversified diet is beneficial to bumblebees, much like it is to humans, who rely nearly exclusively on flowers for nourishment. Since flower nectar contains a lot of sugar, they use it as fuel. The protein and nutrients required for growth and development are provided by the pollen. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the greatest habitats for bumblebees are those that provide an abundance of flowers for them to feed on throughout their whole active phase of life (from spring to late summer).

Masked Bees

Urban environments, forests, woodlands, and health are all home to masked bees. Many species build their nests in reeds, branches, and twigs. Because there are so many different eucalypt trees accessible for pollination and nesting, they are more numerous and diverse in the country than everywhere else in the world. These bees are known to be most plentiful in the springtime, though depending on the species and climate, some may continue to be quite active well into the autumn. During spring, they can often be found among various plants, actively seeking pollen and nectar.

Carpenter Bees

People frequently observe huge, black bees flying about the exterior of their homes throughout the spring. These are probably carpenter bees, so named because they like to drill holes in wood to raise their young. Carpenter bees love-worn, unpainted wood, particularly softer species like redwood, cedar, cypress, and pine, for their habitat. Wood that has been painted or pressure-treated is far less prone to attack. Eaves, rafters, fascia boards, siding, wood shake roofs, decks, and outdoor furniture are typical carpenter bee nesting locations.

About Bees and Wasp Removal Perth

Our company has highly trained members to remove and relocate bees from your area. We do not kill them but relocate them from a habitat place to a safe area for them where both they will be safe and also no individual will be harmed.

Professional and Experienced Staff

A complete understanding of bee biology, behaviour, and habits is required of team members in bee removal service. Our bee nest relocation team is knowledgeable in differentiating between several bee species. Using this knowledge, we will carry out circumstance-specific bee eradication services that safeguard both humans and bees.

Professional and Experienced Staff
Safe and Environment-Friendly Approach

Safe and Environment-Friendly Approach

When dealing with big colonies or hostile bees, bee relocation can be a risky endeavour. To protect oneself against potential bite, professionals are outfitted with the proper safety equipment, including protective garments, gloves, and veils. Our team always adheres to strict safety procedures to reduce the possibility of bee-related mishaps or allergic responses, assuring the safety of both our staff and the people nearby. We design an enviro-friendly bee removal Perth free plan and carry it out well.

Tailored Solutions and Personalized Service

To reach and relocate bees from varied areas specialized tools and equipment are needed for bee relocation. These tools, which include bee vacuums, protective bee suits, and hive removing tools, are available to professionals. We effectively and securely move bees from walls, rooftops, trees, or any other difficult situations where colonies may have developed, thanks to our equipment. Without the necessary equipment, a bee control attempt may result in property damage or unsuccessful outcomes.

Tailored Solutions and Personalized Service

Why Us

Established for 10 years, serving thousands of satisfied clients.

Swift and efficient solutions are provided within 24 hours of the appointment.

An experienced team dedicated to resolving bee infestation and wasp problems.

Expertise in safe relocation of bee hives instead of eradication.

Recognized as one of the top companies for ant control and pest control in Perth.

Our Approach

We learn where the bees are and how long they have been there after the client calls to advise us of their position. Since many people are allergic to bites caused by bees, we assess the situation and take swift action.
Bee and Wasp Relocation Perth offer personalized to each client’s needs and disclose all costs upfront. We do not charge any hidden costs.
With beehives we always try to relocate them as bees are important to our ecosystem. For the wasp nests, we exterminate them since their sting can be very harmful and dangerous to humans.
Our Approach

Benefits of Hiring Professional Bee and Wasp Removal Services Perth

Access Point Identification

Comprehensive Bee Control

Environmental Awareness

Minimize Damage

Professional bee removers can locate and close off access points that bees use to enter your property. By addressing these entryways, they not only remove the existing infestation but also prevent future infestations from occurring.

Access point

Professional bee removal services offer comprehensive bee control solutions. They not only remove the bees from your property but also provide advice and implement measures to deter future infestations, such as removing attractants, and suggesting landscaping modifications.


Professional bee removers often prioritize environmentally friendly methods. They may employ techniques that aim to relocate bees rather than exterminate them whenever possible, contributing to the preservation of these important pollinators.


When attempting to remove bees on your own, there is a higher risk of causing damage to your property or the surrounding environment. Professional bee removers know how to minimize any potential damage during the removal process, ensuring the safety of your home and surroundings.


Prevention and Maintenance Tips

At Bees Control Perth, we prioritize providing you with expert guidance to not only removing bees but also to help you prevent future infestations. Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and minimizing the chances of recurrence. Here are some concise prevention and maintenance tips to help you avoid future bee-related issues:

Seal Entry Points

Identify and seal any gaps, cracks, or openings that bees can use to enter your property. This proactive step will prevent them from establishing nests inside.

Proper Waste Management

Keep your trash cans securely covered, eliminating potential food sources that attract bees. Additionally, ensure proper disposal of food waste and clean up spills promptly.

Regular Property Maintenance

Trim and maintain shrubs, trees, and vegetation on your property to minimize potential nesting sites for bees. A well-maintained landscape discourages bee activity.

Minimize Sweet Fragrances

Avoid wearing strong floral fragrances or using scented lotions when spending time outdoors. Bees are attracted to sweet scents, so minimizing them reduces the likelihood of encounters.

Manage Water Sources

Eliminate stagnant water sources on your property, such as jacuzzi, inflatable pools or uncovered containers. Bees require water, and removing these sources discourages their presence.

Educate and Supervise

Teach children and supervise pets around bees to avoid provoking them. Encourage gentle behavior and discourage swatting or aggressive actions that may attract bees.

Bees Nest Removal Perth

Services for both Residential and Commercial Premises

Serving all of the Perth area, from Yanchep to Mandurah

Utilisation of the latest industry techniques and proven methods.

15 Years of Experience in Bee & Wasp Removal Services in Perth.

Fully Licensed & Qualified according to Industry Standards.

Same day Bee Removal Services at affordable prices

Customised treatment according to clients requirements.

Enviro -Friendly solutions that are safe for family and pets.

Services for both Residential and Commercial Premises

Serving all of the Perth area, from Yanchep to Mandurah

Utilisation of the latest industry techniques and proven methods.

15 Years of Experience in Bee & Wasp Removal Services in Perth.

Fully Licensed & Qualified according to Industry Standards.

Same day Bee Removal Services at affordable prices

Customised treatment according to clients requirements.

Enviro -Friendly solutions that are safe for family and pets.

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    FAQ Image

    Bees and wasps can be distinguished by their physical appearance. Bees have round bodies with black legs, while wasps have a slender shape with yellow or orange legs.

    Yes, we provide a 4-week backup warranty. However, this warranty is valid as long as clients follow our post-service instructions.

    Bees can be safely removed without causing harm. One effective method is using smoke, as bees are sensitive to it. Introducing light smoke on your property inconveniences the bees and encourages them to leave, without any harm inflicted upon them. This approach is especially beneficial for those with bee allergies, as it minimizes the risk of anaphylaxis.

    Another option is utilizing mothballs as deterrents. Placing mothballs in stockings or cheesecloths near beehives can effectively drive the bees away. The strong smell acts as a deterrent, keeping them from returning. 

    However, its always suggested to request for a professional help rather than doing it on your own which can just worsen the risk and consequences of bee stings etc.

    The cost of bee removal services can vary depending on several factors, including the location of the bee nest, accessibility, and the complexity of the removal process. To provide an accurate quote, we recommend contacting our team who will assess the situation and provide you with a detailed estimate based on your specific needs.

    If you come across a bee nest on your property, it’s essential to avoid disturbing it or attempting to remove it yourself. Bees can become defensive if they feel threatened, which could result in stinging incidents. The best course of action is to contact our professional bee removal services who has the expertise and equipment to safely handle the situation.

    Before the scheduled bee removal service, we recommend keeping pets and children indoors to minimize their exposure to the bees. It’s also important to close any windows or openings near the bee nest to prevent bees from entering your property. Our team will provide you with specific instructions tailored to your situation to ensure a smooth and safe removal process.

    We prioritize the preservation and conservation of bees. After the removal process, we take appropriate measures to relocate the bees to a suitable location where they can continue their vital role in the ecosystem. Our team ensures the bees are safely transported and released in an area where they can thrive without posing a threat to human activity.

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